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Neuer Vertrag zu Lithium-Ionen Batterien:
Envites Energy ist EU Partner- Geschäftsfeld Produktionsequipment

Envites Energy, ein Nordhäuser KMU ist EU Partner in einem internationalen Technologiecluster von und zu Lithium-Ionen Batterien geworden. „Wir erschließen für unsere Kunden Spitzentechnologie und Service, bieten von Zellkomponenten, Materialien, know- how und Produktionstechnik auf neuem Niveau.
Das ist ein Meilenstein für uns, wir bauen aber auch auf jahrelange Kontakte und Beziehungen auf und streben dadurch eine gute, nachhaltige Marktposition an, wir wollen wachsen“, so Tim Schäfer von Envites Energy.

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Das neue MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) ist die Basis für eine langjährige Kooperation und schließt Equipment, Komponenten und Materialien zur Herstellung von advanced Lithium-Ionen Batterien ein. Dazu gehören auch Prozesse wie Materialaufbereitung, Elektroden, Zelle, Modul und Batterien, Formation-Endkontrolle.
Materialseitig sind alle Materialien wie Aktivmaterialien, Ableiter-Tabs, Gehäuse, Elektrolytformulierungen oder auch Elektroden und Separatoren e.c. adressiert. Beratung und Technologie Transfer ist optional möglich, es bestehen erstklassige Referenzen am Markt.
Zu den Partnern gehören namhafte Unternehmen wie GMech oder RJ, einem Produktionsequipment Spezialisten und Entwicklungsunternehmen zu Lithiumbatterien.

Systeme, Komponenten, Know-how, F&E sowie Produktionsequipment für Lithium-Ionen-Batteriezellen
und -Batteriesysteme sowie von Kondensatoren, Feststoffbatterien:

  • Erfahrung
  • Qualifizierte Partner
  • Erstklassiger Service

New contract for lithium-ion batteries:
Envites Energy is the EU Partner for the production equipment business segment Vertrag zu Lithium-Ionen Batterien:

Envites Energy, a Nordhausen SME, has become the EU Partner in an international technology cluster of and for lithium-ion batteries. “We develop cutting-edge technology and services for our customers and offer cell components, materials, expertise and production engineering at a new level. This is a milestone for us; however, we also build on years and years of contacts and relationships and thus strive for a good, sustainable market position – we want to grow,” says Tim Schäfer of Envites Energy.

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The new MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) is the basis of a longstanding collaboration and includes equipment, components and materials for manufacturing advanced lithium-ion batteries. This also includes processes such as material processing, electrodes, cells, module and batteries, final formation inspection.
With respect to the material, all materials such as active materials, conductor tabs, casing, electrolyte formulations or even electrodes and separators etc. are addressed. Consultation and technology transfer are optional; there are some top-class references in the market. The partners include renowned companies such as GMech or RJ, a production equipment specialist and development company for lithium batteries.

Systems, components, expertise, R&D, production equipment for lithium-ion battery cells and battery systems, capacitors and solid-state batteries:

  • Experience
  • Qualified partner
  • Top-quality service

In particular, Korean and German technology in this field is the best in the world. The technology portfolio is extremely innovative, efficient and sustainable. Excellent references from leading manufacturers in the lithium battery sector have ensured us a good reputation in the market in recent years, both in technical centres and as regards production. The project requirements of the customers can thereby be fully satisfied in a flexible and effective manner. For the economically sustainable success of the customers, who include leading lithium battery manufacturers all over the world. However, in R&D in Germany, we are currently also supporting innovative refabrication concepts, e.g. for “second life” applications or inter-system approaches, which are believed to make a special contribution to resource efficiency and climate protection.

We, along with our partners, were able to repeatedly prove that we could also solve existing problems efficiently and with due attention paid to quality in order to ensure the fullest satisfaction of our customers. The financial scope of the MoU was not notified. It should, however, be possible to flexibly respond to the demand. In addition, we have been successfully involved in research/technology/piloting in recent years. Also with and for German machine and equipment manufacturers. We have excellent references here as well, and support research and development, especially in Germany, to the best of our ability and as far as possible.

All our equipment designs are characterised by reliability and the implementation of a thorough understanding of the processes of lithium battery technology. Based on this, customers manufacture top-quality products for electromobility, mobile energy solutions, SLI, stationary ESS lithium-ion batteries and CCC-solutions or work out new concepts and process solutions, which we can also support with regard to components and materials and even productivity.